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for Your Business and Your Life

Bold Financial:

Life Insurance, Group Benefits and Investment Solutions for Business Owners and Professionals

Bold Financial is a Toronto-based financial advisory that specializes in helping business owners and professionals thrive. We bring a thorough understanding of financial instruments, insurance products and strategies that work best for business and career-minded individuals.

Look to Bold Financial as a trusted source for anyone who wishes to plan efficiently, mitigate risk, and maximize wealth.

How much money do you need to generate to feel successful? What are your financial and life goals? Are your family, business and assets secure? I can help.

Hi, I’m David and I sell life, disability, and critical illness insurance – but I am not like a typical broker. I manage wealth and sell financial products. I’m an advisor with extensive business experience. My approach is consultative, strategic and unbiased – leveraging my knowledge of the wide spectrum of Canadian financial products.

Above all things, I understand the business owner – because I am one. Having successfully launched, grown and sold companies, I  truly walk the walk – and look forward to sharing my sound insights with you, as well as my perspective on building and sustaining wealth.


Life Insurance

Obtain peace of mind protection – for your family and business.

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Living Benefits

Achieve financial security if you become sick or injured.

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Receive focused advice on the right investment fund mix to reach your financial goals.

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Group Benefits

Source comprehensive employee benefits and group retirement savings plans.

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Client Testimonials

“Patient, thorough and punctual, David has provided knowledgeable service and follow ups regularly. He doesn’t pressure you to buy products and makes sure you understand the big picture before you decide.”

Dr. S. Tze

“I highly recommend David to anyone in the market for financial and insurance products…he was excellent at delivering information to myself in a way that made me feel more informed about my choices… the extra time that he spends makes you understand that he is not trying to oversell you but rather place you into a product that is best suited for you.”

B. Warner

“David truly cares about each of his clients. He takes the time to get to know you and recommends the best options. He also remains objective and does not push certain options for personal gain.”

B. Pinelli

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